Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Frenzy

So recently The Nugget and I made a list of awesome and hilarious things to do this summer. Why? Well to make it more fun of course. And I shall be updating the blog. Yes, for the first time in forever, I will be using this thing. Yay me. Haha. Anyways. One of our goals is to see 50 movies, either in theaters or on DVD, that both of us have never seen before and that we think look good. We already have our list picked out. 23 new movies that come out in theaters all throughout this summer that we will see and 27 movies on DVD that we will either rent or buy. And for each of these 50 movies, I will post here and make any snarky comments that I may have. And of course, this IS me...so there will pretty much be snarky comments for each movie, no matter how good it is. Ha ha he he ha ha ho. And I'll also be posting about some of our more fun adventures that we have planned, such as our daily roadtrips to both Stillwater and Duluth and whatever progress Emily makes in learning to drive a stick-shift, namely my PIECE car. So yes, expect fun things to come.

Fun fact for right now. In approximately 40 hours, I will be home. Perhaps a couple hours more, depending on when we leave Cloud and how traffic is and everything like such as (haha), but roughly 40 hours. I am flying off the handle right now with excitement! Lino, here I come!


  1. i don't think you've ever been THIS excited to get back to lino...lol.

    but i'm excited too. and i promise, i will try my hardest to learn how to drive your piece.

    but take this as a warning: i am NOT a great multitasker. my mom can't even drive a stick...and she told me it's hard. and now i have a feeling i won't be successful but that's okay. because it's going to be WAY more fun trying to learn how to do it.

    if i actually learn and i'm good at it, it won't be fun anymore...lol.

  2. once you get it, if you ever do, the REAL hard part is going back to an automatic. I keep trying to shift gears with nothing to grab on to and keep trying to press the clutch with my left foot in vain. manual driving just takes over in your instincts the more you do it lol. so maybe not TOO much for you, that way you can actually drive automatics without being flustered AND you won't potentially make my piece even more piece-like somehow